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A DWI in Suffolk County can be helped by Matthew Tuohy.

DUI or DWI in Suffolk County

Did You Get a DUI or DWI in Suffolk County?

Legal problems can happen anywhere leaving you with an amazing array of decisions to make. You can represent yourself in your criminal case; simple traffic violations, assault, battery, or even DUI or DWI in Suffolk County. You wouldn’t mind spending part of your life behind bars, right? Your time is more important than money? Oh wait, they are getting your money as well by way of imposing a fine. Then, of course, there is your criminal record, a document that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Having a lawyer can help alleviate some of this stress unless the lawyer you hire knows less about the law than you do. In that case, not only are your problems going to inflate, you have the opportunity to add salt to your wounds by paying the inept lawyer’s fees. It is very important to hire an experienced lawyer, one who can help your case rather than hurt it.

Matthew Tuohy became a lawyer in 1999, joined an established firm and quickly earned the title of partner. He spent his time defending people who had come into trouble with a wide multitude of cases including criminal, traffic, and family law. With 15 years of courtroom experience, he has chosen to break away from his partners and create his own practice to help you with your DWI in Suffolk County.

The vast array of cases that he excels in varies from traffic violations, assault and battery charges, and even more serious crimes like DUI and DWI. His experience is necessary if you have been accused of any of these life changing charges. “Results are ultimately what matters in the court setting and he definitely yields great ones,” a former client commented on This was one of many glowing reviews left by people who Matthew Tuohy has helped in Suffolk County.

Hopefully, you will never need his services but if you are ever in trouble in Suffolk County, contacting Matthew Tuohy Esq is the first step to getting your life back after your DWI in Suffolk County.

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