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For a Juvenile Drug Defense Attorney, Suffolk County Offers New Hope

Suffolk County Offers New Hope for Juvenile Drug Offenders and any Juvenile Drug Defense Attorney.

Suffolk County criminal attorneys have a new tool for helping juveniles escape the vortex of the criminal justice system. Located at the Family Court building in Central Islip, the newly revitalized Juvenile Drug Treatment Court (JDTC) will address non-violent juvenile drug offenders treatment and legal deferment of their case.

The court plans on a holistic approach that involves the entire family in the young offender’s rehabilitation. Ironically, the program was suspended about five years ago because of the number of adult cases, mostly stemming from the opiate epidemic, overwhelmed the court’s resources.

Officials anticipate that the juvenile drug offenders court will convene weekly before a dedicated judge. This gives the offenders some continuity in case administration and confidence that they’ll be before a judge that understands the program and has a vested interest in their success.

Criminal defense attorneys in Suffolk County are a vital part of the new system, especially a juvenile drug defense attorney. First, the case must be referred to and accepted by drug court. The new program has limited resources to start and competition for slots will be fierce. Second, even a treatment and deferral program has stiff consequences. Having a seasoned lawyer by your child’s side ensures that his rights are protected as he makes his way through the system. Finally, addiction-related crime is often a family problem and a major problem for any juvenile drug defense attorney. The parents or older siblings may also have on-going cases and probation issues or the prosecutor may be contemplating filing a foster care case. A skilled juvenile drug defense lawyer can help the entire family reach an acceptable outcome that they desire in their case.

If your child has been accused of a non-violent crime related to drug use in Suffolk County, you need a juvenile drug defense attorney with experience in all phases of the court system, included the Family Court and the specialty courts such as the JDTC. Contact us as soon as possible after the charges are filed for a consultation on the options for your child.

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