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Misdemeanor or Felony? You need a Suffolk County Criminal Attorney

Misdemeanor or Felony? You need a Suffolk County Criminal Attorney.

If you or a loved one got arrested in Suffolk County for a misdemeanor or felony, request a criminal lawyer immediately. Do not “waive” your rights and contact a lawyer!

Arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony is a serious matter. One which carries significant consequences, sometimes for life, regardless of the final outcome. Whether guilty, innocent, or completely confused you need a criminal attorney.

Three reasons to act quickly:

Time is against you.

While you wait, hopefully not talking, the clock is ticking. Law enforcement is conducting an investigation for the prosecuting attorney’s office to build its case. The judicial system is moving, and though we often complain it doesn’t move fast enough, this will not benefit you in those first critical hours. You exercised wisdom and asked for an attorney, and while you wait, the investigation goes on.

Memory fails over time.

The faster a Suffolk County criminal attorney gets involved the more accurate the information is that you provide. The lawyer needs the details about what happened from your point of view as soon as possible and as clearly as possible. Generally the further away from the incident the more clouded memory becomes.

You need help now.

A criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights throughout the process. Seems everyone knows about “Miranda Rights”, but there are others, and most people don’t have clue about them, usually do to lack of experience, which is  a good thing. But not knowing all your rights is not going to help you at all. How many nights are you going to spend in lock-up before you go home? A Suffolk County criminal attorney knows how bail works and is instrumental in getting the best possible solution for your case.

The first few hours of an arrest are critical for law enforcement and you. The success of your case may depend on how fast you get a Suffolk County criminal attorney on your side.

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