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DUI Attorney New York Long Island

a dui attorney new york can help

DUI Attorney New York Long Island

h4>For a DUI attorney New York is tough.

People often wonder how severe the penalty will be and if they are going to jail or not.

No two cases are the same and how well you do in court depends on the facts of the case in each particular circumstance. By talking to an exceptional DUI attorney New York, your odds beating the charges are much greater than if you choose to represent yourself.

The specific facts of each case determine everything and getting an expectional lawyer is key to ensuring you get the best treatment from the judge. Did the Blood Alcohol test result in error? Is there anyone who can testify that you were not inebriated? The first step towards understanding your case is speaking with a DUI attorney New York who are ready to help you.

An aggravated DUI charge is a very serious matter. In order to best combat it, it’s important that you speak to a Suffolk County DWI and DUI Lawyer as soon as you are able to. They can help you figure out your next step and determine how well your case is progressing.

My DWI case was handled very well by Matthew Tuohy. Thanks to him justice was served! –¬†Mark Sylvester

A lawyer who is experienced in handling DWI charges is an especially important member of your team. Matthew Tuohy is exceptionally experienced in representing New York drivers facing drunk driving charges and has successfully had charges dismissed in prior cases. Matthew provides you with professional representation from the start in fighting your case. Bloodshot eyes, unusual driving, and slurring speech can be very easily explained by innocent factors. An experienced lawyer can determine whether your stop was legal or not and fight for your justice in court.

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What are the consequences of alcohol and drug-related car crashes in New York State? (

  • 2013: 5041 non-fatal injuries
  • 2014: 6128 non-fatal injuries
  • 2015: 4980 non-fatal injuries

When every second counts it’s important to have the best DWI and DUI lawyer on your side. Matthew Tuohy is the man who will fight for you.


A DUI Attorney New York needs, Matthew Tuohy is the perfect choice to represent you. Your case is important to you and Matthew Tuohy provides every client with the care their case needs. His experience in criminal defense, juvenile delinquency, divorce and other areas makes him the perfect attorney for your Suffolk County and Nassau County case.

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