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Family Court Lawyer Huntington NY

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Family Court Lawyer Huntington NY

As your divorce or family law dispute begins you should know that you are going to have some questions that need answering right away. Taking the time to speak with an experiences Suffolk County family court lawyer can provide relief in the form of answers to your questions. Matthew Tuohy is one of Suffolk county’s best attorneys who can assist you with this process.
How long does a divorce take? 
This is a very common question and it’s understandable why. People want to know when they can begin the next chapter of life without their spouse. Things can take anywhere from one month to several years, depending on the size of your estate and how contested the decisions of you and your former spouse are.
Is court necessary?
Only in very special circumstances will you need to go to court. If you believe your divorce or other family proceeding is easily resolved, Suffolk County family lawyer Matthew Tuohy can handle these matters for you. As always, never sacrifice your best interests simply to avoid court. A family court lawyer can help guide this process.
What about children?
If you and your spouse have children who are minors, then your divorce involves other issues related to the children, such as custody, visitation, and child support. If you are not able to come to an agreement on these, the court will decide how much time the children will spend living with each parent, which is called child custody or visitation. The court will determine, too, if the parent who has the children the majority of the time should receive any money from the other parent in order to help care for the child/children. This is called child support. These issues can also arise when unmarried people have children together. However, if there is a denial of being the father, a paternity proceeding will take place. In this case, the court generally requires DNA testing which determines the paternity of the accused father.

Can a divorce be cancelled by a family court lawyer once it has begun?


Using a dismissal form, a lawyer can cancel a divorce. This needs to be filed with the county clerk by the petitioner and the other spouse if a response was given.
Will I have to pay child support? 
The most critical factor in determining this is you and your ex’s income. If your earnings put you in a significantly more well-off position, a judge may require you to pay child or spousal support. If you have no children, new New York laws could make the spousal support period considerably short. An experienced Suffolk County family lawyer, Matthew Tuohy can help answer your specific questions.
Matthew Tuohy works to provide honest, personalized counsel. This approach has led to numerous victories and countless success stories. Family Law cases can be emotionally draining. Let Matthew Tuohy, experienced family court lawyer, make the process an easier one. Your family law matter will be kept confidential at all times.