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Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If your child is in danger you need an expert juvenile defense lawyer.
If your child is in danger you need a serious juvenile defense lawyer.

Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Suffolk County Juvenile Defense Lawyer.

You need an experienced Suffolk County juvenile defense lawyer if your child has been accused of a crime. Based in Huntington, NY, Matthew Tuohy represents juveniles throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County.

In some cases, a guilty verdict can result in the child being expelled from his middle or high school, particularly when the crime occurred at school or on a school bus. Many of the schools throughout Long Island have a zero tolerance policy, particularly for drug offenses or weapon charges. Consequences of a juvenile record can follow a person well into adulthood.

What happens now?

The Judge can either remand the juvenile to a Juvenile Detention Facility or release the child in the custody of an adult. At the end of the arraignment, the judge and the prosecutor and the youth’s attorney will pick a date to begin the fact finding. Fact-finding begins in a Criminal Juvenile matter when the Prosecutor and Juvenile criminal Attorney bring their cases before the judge. No jury is selected in juvenile matters. Without a plea deal, the judge will determine the innocence or guilt of the Juvenile Defendant. If the minor is found guilty at the end of the fact finding, the judge will decide the sentence. Placement is the equivalent of jail for juveniles. The child, depending on the case, can be placed in a variety of facilities that focus on different areas of treatment and have varying levels of confinement. The judge can also order probation or treatment. If the parents and the attorney believe the sentence is too harsh, they have a right to request a dispositional hearing to contest the sentence. The defendant’s lawyer can then present evidence and witnesses to change the judge’s mind.

Suffolk County Juvenile Defense Lawyer.

All criminal accusations are serious and accusing a child is even more so. Until you have retained an attorney, never permit your child to speak with law enforcement regarding an accusation. Matthew Tuohy is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who helps his clients in both the juvenile courts and the adult criminal courts throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County and the greater New York area. Call Matthew Tuohy to discuss the best way to resolve your case.

Types of Juvenile Charges in Suffolk County, NY.

The most common types of delinquent acts or crimes prosecuted in the juvenile courts throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County, include:

▪ possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia;

▪ criminal mischief of graffiti;

▪ shoplifting or theft;

▪ trespass;

▪ burglary or robbery;

▪ violation of probation;

▪ battery or other crimes of violence; or

▪ Sexual misconduct with a younger child.

Returning the Child to the Parent’s Home.

Most of the time, the child is immediately released to their parents or guardians after being taken in by law enforcement.

If the charge is especially serious, or if the child has a previous record, they may be detained pending an investigation. The court can then release the child to the parents at the hearing.

Occasionally, the court will continue to monitor the child at home. While the case is pending, Probation Officers many conduct unannounced home, school, employment or community visits.

In the most serious cases, or when the child has a prior record or violated the terms of pre-hearing release or probation, the court can require the child to remain in detention for a period of time before the resolution of the case.

Transferring Juveniles to Adult Court.

At the early stages of the case, it’s very important to hire an attorney if the prosecution wishes to try your child as an adult. The criminal defense attorney can represent the child starting at the very beginning.

The prosecutor must establish “prosecutive merit” in order to determine if the child should be transferred This term “prosecutive merit” basically means “probable cause.” In other words, is there probable cause to believe that a crime occurred and that the person accused is the one who committed the crime? 

Finding a Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY

If your child was arrested or detained by law enforcement for any type of delinquent act or criminal offense, then contact experienced juvenile lawyer Matthew Tuohy. Call for a free and confidential consultation to discuss the allegations and the best way to fight the accusations while addressing the underlying behavior in an effective manner.

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