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Suffolk County Murder Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with murder? You need a serious lawyer.
Suffolk County Murder Defense Lawyer

Suffolk County Murder Defense Lawyer

How can a Suffolk County murder defense lawyer help you?

Suffolk County murder defense lawyer Matthew Tuohy is ready to help you now in the toughest cases. He will explain what to expect in your Suffolk County murder case and what your best strategies are. You should entrust your criminal case to an experienced Suffolk County criminal lawyer who specializes in these cases. Matthew Tuohy represents clients in the smallest cases and the most serious felony cases and has been featured on News 12 Long Island.

Call him if you have been arrested for murder or homocide.

You need an experienced Suffolk County murder defense lawyer to turn the investigation around. The police aren’t your friends, and in fact, have an interest in getting the most convictions possible. You need an attorney to investigate whether the actions of the police in your case were legal and appropriate, to determine the weaknesses in the state’s case against you, and to learn what the witnesses will say and what evidence has been collected against you in your case. Matthew Tuohy uses all of this information to begin constructing your defense from the moment you call. These are your rights, and Matthew Tuohy will make sure that everyone involved abides by them.

Your legal murder defense doesn’t begin in the courtroom. It begins immediately when the police investigation starts. Police have been known to make critical mistakes in securing crime scenes, handling evidence and investing a scene. This can lead to a wrongful conviction and unfortunately, it sometimes does. So what do you do when you’ve been accused of murder? It’s important to contact an attorney immediately. Don’t let the police pressure you and take advantage of your scared and confused state. Police questioning tactics can lead to false confessions and self-incrimination. When the crime is something as serious as murder, don’t make foolish mistakes without the advice of an expert attorney. Matthew Tuohy can help protect you from intimidating police practices. In addition, many murder cases are settled before reaching trial. An expert lawyer can get you through the negotiations and advocate firmly on your behalf through the plea bargain process. Murder is one of the most serious charges a defendant may have to face. Would you really leave your defense to a less competent defender? Whether your defense will be based in self-defense, insufficient evidence, factual innocence or another legal precept, it’s important to have the right attorney on your side.

As you go through the process, you need a strong advocate to defend you from law enforcement and the prosecutor. Don’t leave your case to chance, guesswork, or assumptions based on what you have seen on television, or the friendliness of law enforcement. Be sure that you have Matthew Tuohy on your side, with all the facts, and a clear, accurate understanding of what the law really is in your case.

Matthew is considered amongst the best Suffolk County murder defense lawyers on Long Island. Do NOT wait another minute to contact him.

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