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Suffolk County DWI Lawyer: What You Need to Know About a Breath Test

Suffolk County DWI Lawyer: What You Need to Know About a Breath Test

Getting pulled over after you have been drinking is a dangerous thing. When you have been given a breath test, you need to work with a Suffolk County DWI Lawyer to learn more about the process.

The breath test is generally what’s used to determine your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). It’s administered using a breathalyzer and will tell an officer whether you are intoxicated or not. Knowing more about the breath test will help you to determine how to proceed when you are given one and enlisting a Suffolk County DWI lawyer is a big step.

What the Test Identifies

The breath test is going to tell the officer what he or she needs to know about your sobriety. You will be asked if you want to participate in the test. While you could say no, this is a bad idea. It’s best to cooperate with the officer at all times once you have been pulled over.

You will breathe into the breathalyzer and a number will appear to list your BAC. Anything over 0.08 and you are likely going to be charged. If you were pulled over and administered the test, then the charge will probably be driving while intoxicated, or driving under the influence. A Suffolk County DWI Lawyer can help.

What You Need to Do Next

A DWI or DUI isn’t like a traffic citation where you can accept the ticket and then continue driving down the road. You have to leave your car, which will get towed and impounded. You have to ride in the back of the officer’s car and go down to the station. An overnight might be required, too, where you will get the opportunity to sober up. The moment you have time, a call to a Suffolk County DWI Lawyer needs to happen.

You will have to face the charges, which could result in fines, license revocation, and more.

Contact us today to find out what your options are if you have been given a breath test.

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