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When to Hire a Suffolk County Assault and Battery Lawyer

When to Hire a Suffolk County Assault and Battery Lawyer

You should immediately consult with Matthew Tuohy Esquire if you are charged with assault and battery in Suffolk County. One of the most common violent crimes defendants are charged with is assault and battery and the consequences can be very intense. As with many violent crimes, your defense is essential from the very beginning and the possible consequences and plea deals available to you are difficult to manage without a top rated lawyer.

The firm of Matthew Tuohy Esquire is known for helping DUI DWI in Suffolk County but also an experienced Suffolk County Assault and Battery Lawyer. Mr. Tuohy recognizes the serious nature of any violent crime charge and has been practicing in Long Island for more than 15 years. He knows how your life has been turned upside by this charge and is dedicated to working through the defense to deliver the best possible outcome for you.

The legal definition of assault is not the same as the image that this charge brings to mind. As a defendant who has been charged with assault, it is possible no physical contact was made with the victim at all which can be difficult to understand. Mr. Tuohy is skilled in defending anyone who is charged with attempting to do physical harm and the specific laws that pertain to this charge as a Suffolk County Assault and Battery Lawyer.

A charge of battery is levied when physical touching was involved in the assault, aggravated battery can also be charged. Because the sentencing is harsh for both assault and battery charges, it’s essential that you have a skilled lawyer that understands the differences in the laws and can defend you vigorously. Several factors play into sentencing and include past criminal history, jurisdiction, severity, and quality of your legal representation.

With Matthew Tuohy Esquire on your side you know you’ll have the best Suffolk County Assault and Battery Lawyer. Contact us today to get your defense started.

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